How To Kill Termites – Natural And DIY Methods To Kill Termites

Termites are serious problems for many people as they ruin your house beauty and causes serious damage to your place. Their presence cost you so it is necessary for you to take precautions and does not let them to be your uninvited and expensive guest. So, your first and foremost step is to kill them but how to kill termites? Well, there are many natural methods through which you can deal with them on your own and save lots of money. So, here are some of the natural and DIY methods to kill them:

  1. Cardboard Tap usage

If you want to know that how to kill termites naturally then this natural method is easy to apply plus effective.  Also this method does not contain any chemical and non-toxic way to kill termites. Cellulose is a compound present in cardboards and female termites get attracted to it. Besides this, spry water on the cardboard as it will make its smell powerful and when the termites gather on it then burn that cardboard. So, this method is cost effective plus kills termites.

  1. Kill them with the help of sunlight

Sunlight is the most effective way to kill them. Termites are very sensitive to sunlight as they are not able to tolerant the heat of sun rays. Well, this method is most effective when your outside area is affected by these insects.  If you find any colony of these termites then just expose that area to the sunlight and it will kill all of them. Also, if your furniture or nay other stuff is infested by them then just place the furniture under the sun and they get vanished.

  1. Eliminate moisture

Termites like moisture and first infest the area rich in water moisture. So, in order to avoid then make sure that the interior of your house should be dry and if you have any moisture prone area then repaired that area as soon as possible. Evaluate your house time to time and keep your place free from any water leakage. This method is very economical but required your attention.

  1. Go for botanical treatment

Botanical treatment refers to those treatment in which natural herbs are use to kill termites. Orange oil is amazing natural oil which kills termites efficiently as the oil contains d-limonene compound. This compound kills all types of bacteria and fungi. Besides this neem is proven to kill al types of bacteria and application of neem oil is effective. Neem is a tree which leaves are very bitter and their bitterness kills termites. But keep in mind that you should apply this neem oil continuously three to four time in order to get rid of termites.

  1. Borates

Borate is also known as borax powder which kill termites naturally. Besides this, the method is best because for both human and pets borax is non-toxic and only toxic for insects like termites. So, if you move on to new building or house and want to remove your non –friendly guest then use borax.

The above natural are the answer of your question of how to kill termites? Apply them and see its effectiveness.

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