How To Kill Termites – Effective Ways To Kill Termites

If there are termites in your house, then it is the right time to take essential steps to vanish them from your house. Let me tell you that it is not easy to kill termites and because of this reason you should be aware of your house condition and do not let them spoil your place. Here we are going to discuss how to kill termites and look out for the various effective methods to kill them.

  1. Use foams and insecticides

This is the most common way which helps you to get rid of termites. All you have to do is to vacate your house for some time and then use insecticides in the form of gasses or liquid to vanish these termites. It is better to use foams as it is in the gas form and it reaches to the each corner of the house and kills hidden termites.

  1. Use bait

Many people find this method effective because bait attracts termites. If you want to deal with the existing termite population, then this method is very effective. For this method, bait station should be set by you and then take wood and apply boric acid on it. That’s it, and now you have to wait. Boric acid will kill termites attracted by bait. Also, you can use this method for the particular interval of time so that your home will be termite free.

  1. Destroy Wooden Mulch

If you want to know that how to kill termites yourself, then go for this method. Many people are unaware of the fact that wood mulch attracts termites and because of this you should remove or destroy mulch from your house. If mulch is your need, then keep it away from your house so that it will not spread from mulch to your entire house.

  1. Flood the soil

When you search about how to kill termites, then this is the most efficient method your get on the internet. It is easy and simple but effective. First, you should identify the area which is affected by termites and then flood that area. Termites hate water and are not able to swim which result in their death. This method will help you to vanish outdoor termites.

  1. Cold and hot temperature

We all know that termites are not able to survive in hot temperature. They are not able to tolerant temperature more or less than 20 degrees. So, for the cold temperature you should use liquid nitrogen as it lowers the surrounding temperature and kills the termites. Regarding hot temperature, there is no ideal method for it and for outside termites you can vanish them by using fire.

  1. Use Nematodes

Nematodes are small worms that are the foe of termites. They search termites and kill time by targeting their termites’ larva.  This method is used when your house is affected by a large number of termites.

So, I think from the high content you get an idea about how to kill termites. Apply these useful methods and get a beautiful house free from termites.

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