How To Kill Termites – Effective Home Remedies To Kill Termites

You will get a large number of contents in the market about how to kill termites. Some say that DIY methods are enough while some suggest you that you should hire professionals for this problem and so on. But there are very few contents about home remedies which are very effective in killing termites. Many people get surprised when they hear this statement, but it is true. So, here are some of the home remedies which help you:

  1. Orange oil

It is clinically proven that orange oil is toxic to termites and thus kills them. Also, this oil is very beneficial if your house is infested by subterranean termites as these termites make their colonies in soil and orange oil is easy to use in such cases. All you have to do is to dig a hole and then pour this oil into it. The soil absorbs oil and then it kills termites in 3 days to around three weeks.

  1. Electrocution

Many people use non-effective methods for wood infested termites as they don’t know how to kill termites in wood. Electrocution method is ideal for dry woods termites plus it is a non chemical method. In this method, on termites infested woods electric shock is applied which kill almost all termites. But for this method, you will need an electrocution device, and you can get it easily in markets.

  1. Essential oils

This remedy surprised you, but essential oils are also very efficient and eradicate termites. You can try clove bud or vetiver oil, and it works like magic. Besides this, one of the huge benefits of this remedy is that you will not have to face any termite problem in future as it is so strong and prevent such infestation.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera herb is a multipurpose herb which is use in many solutions. You can try this herb for termite’s problem as the herb is toxic to them. So, for this method, just take aloe Vera plant and then cut it into different pieces. After it takes a jar full of water and then stores Aloe Vera in it. When it properly mixed with the water then applies it on infested area.

  1. Sodium chloride

If you are looking for home based insecticide, then try sodium chloride. Sodium chloride also contains cellulose which is like a drug for female termites, and they get attracted to it. You can directly apply sodium on the infected surface, or either uses a sodium cotton ball to attract termites.

  1. Petroleum jelly

Phenol is an important compound of petrol, and this kills termites. This remedy is best when you wooden furniture becomes the home for termites. Just use petroleum jelly on the furniture and the leave it for at least one day. You will see that the termite will be dead and later on you can clean your furniture with cotton.

These remedies let you know how to kill termites. So, get up and try then and see they are effective or not?

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