How To Kill Termites – Different Way To Kill Flying Termites

Flying termites are like termites, but the only difference is that they have wings to fly. These flying termites are evolved termites, and they are killed with same methods which are used to kill termites. If you see any flying termites, then do not ignore this indication and take some step to kill them. Besides this, entirely different methods are used to kill flying termites and because of this we are going to discuss how to kill termites especially flying termites.

  1. Peppermint spray

Peppermint spray or oil kills flying termites by suffocating them. To make this thing more efficient, you can use water, soap and peppermint oil together and then mix it in a bottle. This solution is known as aerosol insecticide which is toxic to insects. So, through this method, you can make your poison which is cheap, easy to make and kill termites.

  1. Commercial Aerosol

Aerosol is a chemical found in most of the insecticides, and it is one of the top most bug toxins. This is the tested method, and you can even use aunt spry as this method is also very useful. Just use a solution which is easy to spray and apply and when you see nay termite flying around you then spray it on them. But one should be aware of the products are they are hazardous to human beings and should be keeping far from the reach of children.

  1. Dish soaps

If you were looking for information about how to kill flying termites using DIY method? Then dish soap is the answer to it. Dish soap contains a sticky substance, and when you apply them in the form of a spray, it will dehydrate the body of termites and then kill them. You can either make this solution at home or buy it from nay shop as it just a solution contains water and soap.

  1. Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper is an electronic device for insects, and it is used to kill them by using a small amount of electric current. Besides this, bug zapper comes in different forms as you can either hang them in the area where you see termites or either buy a racket like a bug zapper device and then hunt flying termites.

  1. Borax and sugar

Borax is a famous remedy for killing termites, but if you combine this remedy with sugar, then this will be an ultimate trap for flying termites. The reason behind using borax with sugar is that termite’s smells and sense toxins and then carries this toxin to its colony, and then the other termites will die because of this smell. So, sugar will cover the smell of toxins and thus make this method effective.

  1. Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener is a great way to kill termites because of some compounds of these sweeteners toxic to the flying termites. Besides this, the sweet smell of it attracts termites, and to increase its potency, you can add apple or mango juice in it.

So, above information about how to kill termites are very effective plus they are economical and easy to apply.

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